a mutual response group for giving and getting feedback

This Dream Audience is not an audience for finished work but one that looks at your unfitted, unfinished, undigested, your questionable, your half-baked, your nearly there, your lost in the underground ideas that need a bit of airing to get a handle on them. Aimed at performance makers, approaches to creative response will be invented or engineered from existing models with emphasis on blurring the creative and the critical.

This DIY group sets and tests ways of getting together to show unfinished work as a way of seeing it better and bringing outside eyes in without feeling the weight of mentorship at delicate phases of work; exploring what kind of feedback or response is most helpful and what structures for conversation or reflection can be generative rather than confining or conforming or dismaying in their influence on ongoing projects; finding a multiplicity of ways to deliver feedback and specific methods or approaches that work for specific kinds of work or dispositions of artists.

Meeting 5 times for full-day sessions (with lunch provided) over a period of 5 months (late July through November 2016), the first meeting will be devoted to defining possible approaches and setting guidelines for the showing and response sessions followed by 4 meetings spread across four months to show work.

DREAM AUDIENCE is part of DIY13 an initiative run by Live Art Development Agency which provides an opportunity for artists working in Live Art to conceive and run unusual training and professional development projects for other artists. 

DIY 13 includes 20 projects, supported by 20 partner organisations. For details of each project and how to apply, take a look at the full project list.

This particular DIY is supported by Chapter