Photo: John Sisson Photo: Eileen Ryan Photo: CJ Mitchell Photo: John Sisson Photo: Lucy Cash Photo: Alan Crumlish Photo: Alex Eisenberg Photo: Rebecca Groves Photo: John Sisson video still


Performance is a way of thinking. It is a way of understanding how to see. It is a way to accept the incomplete. It intimates the invisible. It is a way to find a multiplicity of answers to each question and to hear each one at once. It is telling another way to tell. How do we make sense? How do we do thinking? How do we, all together, experience the formation of attention? How do we realise presence? What is the charge between us? The skill is in knowing how to inspire each other to work, to have life. The work of performance is play.

This is performance: Seaweed affixed to our arms and we smiling: I forgot the question but I remember what I was going to answer: Make the heart beat faster through thought.

It is not every day that the world arranges itself into a poem.
Wallace Stevens