photo: Katie Etheridge


a performance lecture and event series focussed on creative co-mentorship

Karen Christopher and Etheridge & Persighetti

at High Concept Labs, Hyde Park Art Center, and Experimental Station, Chicago
June 17-29 2019

How do we design a future? How do we bring forward what makes our existence “make sense”?

In 2017, Karen Christopher (age 54) mentored Simon Persighetti (age 64) around ideas of creative development, sustainability, memory, and resources. The mentorship has evolved into this collaboration, dealing with the co-mentoring relationship between three mid-career artists who work to blur the boundaries between mentorship and making, between making and finding, and between finding and illuminating.

TTRS is focussed on the transmission and reception of imperceptible influences, making visible what we might otherwise fail to see, and bringing to attention what is already going on rather than creating or inventing actions. The TTRS activities for both artists and the public, will themselves constitute a mentorship and a series of experiences testing principles usually taken for granted or left unconsidered.

We would like to work with 5-20 participants. Participation is free and voluntary, and the Call for Participants, including information on how to apply, can be found HERE. Please note: application deadline extended to June 24th.

TTRS at High Concept Labs includes:

* Broadcast #1: 
Performance lecture: Antenna a public event introducing the project.
Tuesday June 18, 6pm, at Hyde Park Art Center BOOKINGS

* Broadcast #2:
 It Dawned on Me: an experience of light a sunrise event on the solstice.
Friday June 21, 4am-6am, Experimental Station

* Broadcast #3: Torrent of Memory: masts and coordinates
Workshops for local artist participants. We are looking for participants to take part in these workshops and be part of the project’s final presentation. Call for participants.
Tuesday to Thursday June 25-27, 10am-1pm, at HCL

* Broadcast #4: Witness effect: who’s listening one-to-one advisory sessions for local artist participants

* Broadcast #5 Thick Time radio transmission a radio broadcast, a sonic communication from the inside of our station network. Frequency and schedule to be announced.

* Broadcast #6:
 Anti-Entropy: Thick Time progress report a concluding public event, including the integration of newly devised material by and with participants.
Saturday 29 June, 3pm at Hyde Park Art Center

More information on Etheridge & Persighetti:

THICK TIME RADIO STATION is a Haranczak/Navarre Performance Project. The original mentoring sessions were supported by Creative Kernow, CULTIVATOR, funded by the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. Karen Christopher and Etheridge & Persighetti are High Concept Labs Artists in Residence.