Continuous present, beginning again and again

The company's work is committed to discovery--rather than starting with a theme or focus on a particular area of concern or in a presumed format--each project begins with a search for how and where to begin. By determining the context of the material through a process of discovery we allow prevailing concerns and interest of the artists involved to be affected by prevailing concerns and interests of the community around them. Attempting to acknowledge the continuous present, and beginning again and again, and using everything.

AND--this just in from Gertrude Stein's Composition as Explanation:

"And now to begin as if to begin. Composition is not there, it is going to be there and we are here. This is some time ago for us naturally. There is something to be added afterwards. [ . . . ] the composition forming around me was a prolonged present. [ . . . ] and nobody knew why it was done like that, I did not myself although naturally to me it was natural."

Tags: Gertrude Stein

Posted on Monday, 10 March 2014 by Karen Christopher